German Keratin Granules

German Keratin Granules

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German Keratin granules

For use in re-bonding Stick Tip hair extension strands. 

We are pleased to be stocking German Keratin granules designed specifically for re-tipping Stick Tip Hair Extensions. This keratin is softer, allowing for it to be moulded against the ring or tube once flattened with pliers.  Thus allowing for a more secure hold. Sold in bags of 50 grams.

NOTE: We don't recommend this Keratin for the re-tipping of Flat tipped hair, only Stick tipped.  For Flat tips please purchase our Italian Keratin.

To Use: place 3-4 granules on the tip of your Heat Connector, allow to melt for a second or two before appying to the tip of the extension, roll tightly to form a cylinder shaped bond.

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