Tape Hair Extension Removal Solution

Tape Hair Extension Removal Solution

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Our new Tape Removal Solution is a double strength formula for easy break down for our Tape Hair Extensions.

This oil & alcohol-based solution is designed for use on our Tape Hair adhesive only.

Our hair extension removal solution is supplied in a large 250ml bottle with an easy to use spray pump. You can expect this bottle to remove around 10 heads of hair extensions so its great value for money!


INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Isolate the tape strip. Place a cotton wool pad underneath the tape strip and generously spray the solution over the taped section. Wait for a moment, then begin working the tape loose. Apply more solution if needed. If you are re-positioning the hair, once the tape is removed, use a damp cloth to remove any sticky residue from the top of the tape strip, and allow to dry before re-applying using our Walker Tape No Shine Tape Roll. As with all of our Pre Bonded and Tape removal solutions, this solution is for PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY.

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