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  • Product Code: 24 inch Deluxe Indian Hair Extensions - Pre-bonded Stick Tips
  • Availability: Custom order - 4 week delivery
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Deluxe Indian Pre Bonded Stick Tip Hair Extensions 24 inch - CUSTOM ORDER - 4 Week turnaround on delivery.

100% Remy Human Hair

Foxy Hair Extensions Pre Bonded Stick Tip line are now available to custom order in a 24 inch length. This type of hair extension is categorized under Micro Ring Hair Extensions or I Tips. These hair extensions are installed by guiding the hair through a micro ring or copper tube and securing it with a hair clamp. 

Product Features:

Here is everything you need to know about Foxy Stick Tip Extensions:

  • 1 gram strands
  • Double drawn hair
  • Deluxe Indian Remy Cuticle Correct Hair
  • Softer Keratin Tips, allowing the tips to flatten and mould around the tube, thus creating a flat and seamless bond
  • Lasts up to 3 - 5 month when treated with the correct aftercare products
  • Packed in bundles of 25 strands
  • 20 inch Minimum length (1-2 inch extra leeway is normal)

The combination of 1gram weighted strands with double drawn hair gives amazing fullness from root to tip, helping to create a full look every time.

Our Keratin Stick Tips

For our Stick Tips we use a slightly softer formula than our Flat Tips to allow the bond to mould flat inside our rings/tubes for a seamless bond. This softer keratin will not shed or go soft and mushy, providing the hair is cared for correctly of course. Our stick tip hair extensions are great for most hair types but we would suggest being cautious when applying them to customers with excessively oily hair. 

More Information 

How much hair to order

Below is a guide to the amount of hair required dependent on the final look your customer requires and the density of their natural hair

  • Volume only: 50 grams (2 packs)
  • Volume and Length fine hair: 100 grams (4 packs)
  • Volume and Length Medium density hair 150 grams (6 packs)
  • Volume and Length thick hair (or for a glamorous look) 200 grams (8 packs)

Please note the above quantities are a guide only and based on the quantities used in our Foxy salons.


As with all of our hair extension ranges, the use of correct specialist Aftercare products is essential. . To maintain lush, tangle-free, longlasting hair with pre bonded extensions, Foxy recommends only using products from their specially formulated Hair Extension Aftercare Collection. Foxy’s aftercare range must be used to ensure the hair remains soft, shiny and tangle free. Using non-extension products or products from another hair supplier may cause issues which Foxy Hair extensions can not be held responsible for.

Stylist Tips

Spend a little preparation time to snip the keratin bonds slightly to ensure the stick tip is fully hidden away neatly inside of the tube.

Please Note

This item is a custom order length.  Please take note of the timescales for delivery.  Delivery timescales are quoted in good faith and may be subject to change.  All sales are final so please ensure your colour match is accurate before placing an order.