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Foxy Tape Hair Extensions 18 inch

100% Remy Human Hair

Our Deluxe Indian Remy Tape Hair Extensions are manufactured using the exact same beautiful hand processed Remy hair as our pre bonded hair extension ranges. Our recently upgraded tape extensions are now double drawn to ensure fullness from root to tip giving a beautiful and natural finish. 

Product Features

So what sets our tape hair extensions apart from other suppliers? Here is everything you need to know:

  • 44 gram per pack
  • 20 pieces per pack
  • Double drawn hair
  • 18 inch Minimum length (1-2 inch extra is a normal leeway for this product)
  • Deluxe Indian Remy Hair, cuticle correct from root to tip
  • Walker Tape adhesive - strong and long lasting.  Typically an 8-12 week wear before any re-taping is required
  • 3 - 5 months lifespan when treated with the correct aftercare products

More Information 

How much hair to order

Below is a guide to the amount of hair required dependent on the final look your customer requires and the density of their natural hair.

  • Volume only: 44 grams (1 pack)
  • Volume Length fine hair: 88 grams (2 packs)
  • Volume Length medium density hair: 132g (3 packs)
  • Volume Length thick hair (or for a glamorous look): 176g (4 packs)

Please note the above quantities are a guide only and are based on the quantities used in our Foxy Salons.

Stylist Tips

For application of tape in hair extensions, we recommend that the stylist installs these extensions so that the clients natural hair is 'sandwiched' in between two tape pieces.  Once the hair is secure, heat the taped areas using straighteners for a second or two and press firmly to seal the extension tapes.  Fitting the tape extensions this way will allow for maximum longevity.

To create a multi dimensional head of hair, take a tab of one shade and a tab of a second shade and sandwich them together.