Luxury Russian / Mongolian Hair Extensions - Pre Bonded Flat Tip Hair Extensions

Luxury Russian / Mongolian Hair Extensions - Pre Bonded Flat Tip Hair Extensions

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Luxury Russian Mongolian Pre Bonded Flat Tip Hair Extensions 20 inch

100% Remy Human Hair

Our blend of the finest Mongolian and Russian 100% human Remy hair extensions produce soft, thick silky tresses that boast an incredible lifespan with non-stop gloss, glamour and volume.

Pre Bonded Hair Extensions are an very sought after method due to the fact they move just like the natural hair. The beauty of applying a strand by strand method such as pre bonded hair is that several shades can be alternated in rows, allowing you to create the perfect colour blend full of multi dimension.

Our luxury Pre Bonded Flat Tip range is available in 20 inches. All hair lengths are a minimum length and normally a 1 - 2 inch leeway will be present.

Product Features:

So what sets our luxury hair extensions apart from any other Hair Extension Supplier? Here is everything you need to know:

  • 1 gram strands
  • Double Drawn hair
  • Russian-Mongolian Remy Human Hair Extensions, cuticle correct
  • Top quality Italian Keratin
  • Packed in bundles of 25 strands
  • Lasts up to 1 year
  • 20" minimum length 
The combination of 1gram weighted strands with double drawn hair gives the most amazing fullness from root to tip, helping to create that thick and bouncy look every time. Our luxury hair extension ranges are produced using hair from the finest hair markets  and only premium quality raw hair is selected.  We also adopt the most gentle processing methods for this range, ensuing the lifting process is done gradually, being careful to make sure no damage occurs throughout the colouring of the raw hair.

Foxy Keratin Tips

We use the best Italian Keratin available on the market for our Pre Bonded Flat Tips. Our hair extension bonds will not shed, will not go soft and mushy and will not slide, providing they're cared for correctly of course. And best of all, our Italian Keratin is suited to all hair types, even oily hair.
The proper keratin will make a difference in how pre-bonded flat tip extensions "perform" for the client. A strong adhesive that doesn't slide and can stand up to oily tresses is a major plus and it sets colourless, making it ideal for all hair shades.

More Information

Attention to detail

Foxy Hair Extensions have blended gorgeous Mongolian and Russian hair into easy to install flat tip extensions. The process is quite meticulous, and each precious cuticle of the Remy hair remains intact and in order, facing the same direction from root to tip. This step is taken to maintain tangle-free and matt-free hair extensions.

All the hair selected is ethically sourced and gently processed. Its important to us to ensure quality control is at its highest and our colours remain constant from batch to batch. You won't find random grey hairs in our luxury hair range! We put in place strict quality control processes every step of the way whilst your hair extensions are being processed and back here in the uk, each order is hand checked before being bagged up ready for delivery to you. We work hard to ensure the product reaches you in optimum condition.

How much hair to order

Foxy’s Russian Mongolian Pre Bonded Hair Extensions are available in 20 inch length and one gram strands. The hair is sold in a bundles of 25 strands/25 grams.

Below is a guide to the amount of hair required dependent on the final look your customer requires and the density of their natural hair:

  •  Volume only: 50 grams (2 packs)
  • Volume and Length fine hair: 100 grams (4 packs)
  • Volume and Length Medium density hair: 150 grams (6 packs)
  • Volume and Length thick hair (or for a glamorous look): 200 grams (8 packs)

Aftercare Guidelines:

To maintain all of its amazing features, Foxy Hair Extensions strongly recommends using their brand of effective Hair Extension Aftercare Treatments. These formulas have been carefully developed to go hand in hand with the brand's line of luxury extensions. Using non-extension products or products from another hair supplier may cause issues which Foxy Hair extensions can not be held responsible for.

Pre Bonded Hair Extensions are made for use by professionally trained stylists only.

Stylist Tips

When choosing which range of Foxy Pre Bonded Hair to use on your client please consider their natural hair texture.  Russian Mongolian Hair Extensions tend to be straight and sleek with not a lot of natural texture.  Ensure you are matching up to the clients hair texture for natural looking hair extensions.

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