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Getting ready to re-open after lockdown.

Getting ready to reopen after lockdown

Getting ready to reopen after lockdown

Look on the bright side……..

Although it may not seem like it right now, you are the lucky ones! Many businesses have failed during the pandemic and not through any fault of their business, but simply due to circumstances completely out of the owner’s control. No matter how robust people think their businesses are, it takes truly unprecedented times to really see how they stand.

Moving on… You are still here and are still in business so what you do next will undoubtedly dictate how you move forward and get back to trading.

What are you plans for re-opening? How can you maximise profits and income and how do you regain all previous clients?

In our industry, social media must be key. Many people have spent months fixated on their social media so you must ensure yours is up to standards, making it a priority for enticing people back. Good quality images of not only client’s heads and stylist’s work but of your salon too – remind them what they’ve been missing.  If you keep your business in people’s minds continually (through regular social posts), when they want a hair service, they will instantly think of you. Brand awareness is so important for repeat business.

Of course, everyone would love a cash injection to their business right now and what better way than offering more higher value services! Hair extensions are that service. Offering hair extensions in your salon can quickly increase income, as not only do you attract new clients for the hair extensions services themselves, but these clients will likely continue to return for the normal services you offer too! Oh, and recommend friends!

Boasting extra hair extension services also gives you more relevant material to post on social media, attracting and reaching an even wider audience than before, so, it’s a win, win.

Perhaps you’re now worried as you’re not yet qualified in hair extensions? No problem at all as we offer training courses in all application methods at very affordable prices. Also, once qualified on a Foxy training course with us, you get a larger than normal trade discount too. This means your training will quickly pay for itself in extra discount alone!

We cant stress enough the world is a different place after Covid-19 so don’t do what you’ve always done and expect the same result…… We doubt it will be the case. New strategies and new and bigger effort will set you apart from the competition and ultimately make your business better for the future too!