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Foxy Hair Extension Clarifying Shampoo

For use before the installation of Hair Extensions.

Foxy's clarifying shampoo is a must have when it comes to preparing the natural before the application of your Foxy Hair Extensions.

The natural hair requires the ultimate in squeaky clean tresses.  The Foxy Hair Clarifying Shampoo was carefully developed as a detoxifier for hair loaded with product build-up. It gets rid of the gunk, residue and stuff we all collect on our manes like various styling products, chlorine, hard water, etc.

This product has been uniquely developed for prepping the hair before extensions are installed.

Bottle Size: 250ml

Suggested Use: To get the best results, we recommend shampooing the natural hair twice. Pay special attention shampooing the bottom back (nape) of the hair where excess oil likes to accumulate. Take the time to rinse the hair thoroughly. Do not use any conditioner or styling products after washing with this shampoo.

IMPORTANT: This product is designed solely for pre-installation use only and should not be used once your hair extensions have been fitted.

International customers - Please check with your countries customs department before ordering this product.