Hair Extension Shampoo 250ml

Hair Extension Shampoo 250ml

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Foxy Hair Extension Shampoo

A beautiful non drying shampoo. Perfect for natural and synthetic extensions.

The most vital part of our Hair Extension aftercare routine is the shampoo you choose to wash your hair extensions with.  You need to always use a range thats compatible with both the extension hair and the method of attachment.

Our Hair Extension Shampoo is formulated to work with all our hair ranges and designed to replenish lost nutrients to keep your Foxy Hair Extensions looking and feeling amazing for their full life. The Foxy Hair Extension Shampoo not only keeps you extension hair well nourished but also protects your bond/tape areas from damage. 

Hair Extensions no longer receive nutrients from the scalp, therefore, its vital these are replenished via the correct products.  Our extra nourishing formula is manufactured to work hand in hand with our hair extensions.  This shampoo is suitable for daily use and is perfect for natural extensions as well as your natural hair.

  • Bottle size: 250ml
  • Suggested use: Ensure hair is thoroughly wet.  Massage shampoo firstly onto the scalp, ensuring you are washing in amongst the hair extension attachments.  Distribute further shampoo throughout the length of your extension hair, ensuring you are smoothing the product through the hair. DO NOT rub.  

International Customers: Please check with your countries Customs department before ordering this product.

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