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Hair Extension Soft Bristle Brush

Our medium sized hair extension brush is a customer favourite and allows you to brush your hair and hair extensions without any snagging or tugging.

If you think that using any old brush through your extension will work, then you're taking a gamble. A hair brush containing metal bristles, for example, is a major fail because the harshness can create more tangles and cause eventual breakage.

When it comes to owning and caring for your foxy hair extensions, the key is protecting the bonds that hold your extensions in. That means the bristles you use matter.

Our Hair Extension Soft Bristle Brush is the ideal styling tool that protects both your natural roots and each extension strand. It's well made in a good sized paddle style and nice cushion with soft bristles in varying lengths to glide through your locks and prevent tangling, knotting and tugging.

Recommended Use: Start brushing at the ends of your extensions, and gently move up to the mid-lengths, finishing by brushing the root area.