Deluxe Indian Remy Pre Bonded Flat Tip Hair Extensions

Deluxe Indian Remy Pre Bonded Flat Tip Hair Extensions

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Deluxe Indian Remy, Pre Bonded, Flat Tipped Human Hair Extensions

Our Deluxe Indian 100% human Remy hair extensions are well known for their fantastic quality at an incredibly affordable price, allowing you the stylist, to fit an impressive look your customers are going to adore.

Are you seeking natural-looking, luxurious hair that moves with brilliant glossiness?

Foxy Hair Extensions feature a gorgeous range of pre-bonded flat tip hair extensions made of Deluxe Indian 100% human Remy hair. Like their cousin the pre bonded Stick Tip hair extensions, the smooth, soft texture is incredible, and customers can't get enough of the product and technique involved. 

The beauty of applying a strand by strand method like this is that several shades can be alternated in rows, allowing you to create the perfect colour blend time and time again. Individual strands can be added to a wide variety of shades that can include striking highlights or lowlights. The artistic and aesthetic possibilities are almost endless.

Our Pre Bonded Flat Tip range is available in two lengths, 16 inch and 20 inch, and as well as Flat tip hair extensions (keratin hair extensions) we also stock this range in Stick Tip hair extensions (micro ring hair extensions). All product lengths are a Minimum length and usually expect 1 - 2 Inch leeway extra!

Product Features:

So what sets us apart from any other Hair Extension Supplier? Here is everything you need to know:

  • 1 gram strands
  • Double Drawn hair
  • Deluxe Indian Remy Cuticle Correct Hair
  • Top quality Italian Keratin
  • Lasts 3-5 months  when treated with the correct aftercare products
  • Packed in bundles of 25 strands
  • 20 inch Minimum length (Usually an extra 1-2 inch is normal)

The combination of 1gram weighted strands with double drawn hair gives amazing fullness from root to tip, helping to create that special look every time.

Our Tips

We use the best Italian Keratin available on the market for our Pre Bonded Flat Tip hair extensions. Our hair extension bonds will not shed, will not go soft and mushy and will not slide, providing they are cared for correctly of course. And best of all, our Italian Keratin is suited to all hair types, even oily hair.

Foxy's Deluxe flat tip hair extensions are a favourite amongst stylists, our customers love the strong sturdy bond and fullness of our hair from root to tip.  Because our flat tips are guaranteed 100% human hair, they can be styled, cut and treated just like the natural hair. Pre Bonded Hair Extensions are a strand by strand technique, allowing for maximum creativity.  Combining several colours together can create endless colour combination possibilities and really allows the creative juices to flow.

Attention to detail

All hair selected for our ranges is ethically sourced and gently processed. It’s important for us to ensure quality control is at its highest and our colours remain constant from batch to batch. Ever found grey hairs or loose coloured strings in amongst your human hair extensions? You won’t find this at Foxy! We have in place strict quality control processes every step of the way whilst your hair extensions are being processed. We work hard to ensure the product reaches you in optimum condition giving you that wow factor every time.

How much hair to order

Below is a guide to the amount of hair required dependent on the final look your customer requires and the density of their natural hair

  • Volume only: 50 grams (2 packs)
  • Volume and Length fine hair: 100 grams (4 packs)
  • Volume and Length Medium density hair: 150 grams (6 packs)
  • Volume and Length thick hair (or for a glamorous look):  200 grams (8 packs)

Please note the above quantities are a guide only and based on the quantities used in our Foxy salons.

Pre Bonded Hair Extension Training

Are you a qualified hairdresser? Why not book on one of Foxy’s Pre Bonded hair extension training courses and see how this can greatly improve your salon income. Once qualified you also qualify for a 15% discount off all future Trade product purchases.

Click here to find out more or if you would prefer to speak to one of our friendly Sales Advisors please call us on 0845 0948403 or email

Trade Accounts:

All hair extension trained professionals are invited to sign up for a Foxy trade account, after approval you will be entitled to a 10% discount on all of our trade products. Signing up is quick and easy. Sign up for a trade account now >


To maintain longlasting, gorgeous extensions, Foxy has developed a special line of Hair Extension Aftercare Products. Foxy’s aftercare range must be used to ensure the hair remains soft, shiny and tangle free. Using non-extension products or products from another hair supplier may cause issues which Foxy Hair extensions cannot be held responsible for.

Application Designed for:

Professionally trained stylists only.

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