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Foxy Hair Extension Conditioner

Because we understand that extensions and natural hair condition at different rates

Our Hair Extension Conditioner is an exceptional conditioning treatment, formulated to enrich and re-moisture both your natural hair and your cherished extensions. Leaves both looking and feeling enriched, enlivened and totally pampered.Our aftercare range is formulated to work with all our hair ranges and is designed to replenish lost nutrients and keep your Foxy Hair Extensions looking and feeling great for their full life. The life span of your hair extensions will be compromised if the correct products are not used.

This product is designed to be used in conjunction with Foxy Hair Extension Shampoo.

  • Bottle Size: 250ml
  • Suggested use: Apply genorously to the extension hair taking care to ensure no conditioner is applied to the bonded areas.  Leave for 5 minutes and rinse throughly.  Can also be applied to natural hair.

International Customers: Please check with your countries Customs department before ordering this product.