Genius Weft Hair Extensions – 20″ Russian Mongolian 50 grams


Our luxury Russian Mongolian 100% human remy hair extensions are the height of luxury boasting the finest quality hair available today. Shop our brand new Genuis Wefts today. We are confident its going to be love at first sight once you get your hands on these!

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Russian Mongolian Genius Hair Wefts Extensions - 50 grams

100% Remy Human Hair

Welcome to Foxy’s Genius Wefts: The Weave Lovers New Best Friend!

Genius weft extensions are revolutionising the hair extension industry, combining the best features of both flat and machine wefts to create a flawless and versatile option that stylists love. Let’s dive into why Genius Wefts are quickly becoming the go-to choice for hair extension professionals:

Flawless Formation: Genius weft extensions seamlessly blend the benefits of flat wefts and machine wefts. Unlike flat weft extensions, which offer a flatter seam but are less durable and bulky, or machine wefts, which are more durable but have a thicker seam, Genius Wefts strike the perfect balance.

Thinner and Taller: Genius wefts maintain a slim profile while providing more volume than traditional wefts. With a thickness of only about .78mm and a height of 1.71mm, they offer a natural look without added bulk.

Reusable: Just like machine and flat wefts, Genius Wefts are built to last, making them durable and long-lasting. This means you can reuse them multiple times, maximising their value and minimising waste.

No Return Hair: Say goodbye to pesky return hair, also known as the “mustache” of machine made wefts. Genius Wefts are designed without return hair, reducing tangling, itching and discomfort for your clients.

Versatile Cutting: With Genius Wefts, stylists have the freedom to cut them from anywhere without worrying about unraveling. Unlike machine made wefts that can’t be cut without risking damage, Genius Wefts allow for custom applications tailored to each client’s unique needs.

Minimal Shedding: Experience less shedding with Genius Wefts compared to traditional machine made options.

Discover the difference with Genius Wefts and elevate your hair extension game to new heights. Join the ranks of stylists who are choosing innovation, versatility, and quality.

Product Features

So what sets our luxury hair wefts apart from other suppliers? Here is everything you need to know:

  • 50 gram per pack
  • NEW to the UK Market – Genius Weft
  • Double Drawn hair
  • Russian Mongolian Remy Hair, cuticle correct from root to tip.
  • Flat and seamless
  • Life span, up to 1 year
  • 20 inch length

Application Tips

Genius Hair Wefts are a new product to the UK market but are hugely popular in overseas markets especially the USA.  Say goodbye to bulky hair wefts and hello to a new way of weft installation!

We recommend that the Genius Weft is fitted using a Beaded Weave method, in particular they are very well suited to the Naked weave method of application.

Attention to detail

All the hair selected for our ranges is ethically sourced and gently processed. Its important to us to ensure quality control is at its highest and our colours remain constant from batch to batch. Ever found grey hairs or loose coloured strings in amongst your human hair extensions? You wont find this at Foxy! We put in place strict quality control processes every step of the way whilst your hair extensions are being processed. We work hard to ensure the product reaches you in optimum condition giving you that wow factor every time.

Hair Weft Extension Training

Are you a qualified hairdresser? Why not book on one of Foxy’s Weave hair extension training courses and see how this can greatly improve your salon income. Once qualified you also qualify for a 15% discount off all future Trade product purchases.

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As with all of our hair extension ranges, the use of correct specialist Aftercare products is essential. Foxy’s aftercare range must be used to ensure the hair remains soft, shiny and tangle free. Using non-extension products or products from another hair supplier may cause issues which Foxy Hair extensions can not be held responsible for.

Stylist Tips

Mix and match several colours together to create both the desired thickness and the most perfect colour blend.  Layer colours up to create tones and depth.

Application designed for professionally trained stylists only.


Keep your hair extensions looking as good as the day they were installed with the correct Aftercare Products. Thanks to Foxy Hair Extensions, the job is made easy with our packs of Aftercare Products. Our range is specially designed to nourish and care for your extensions while also protecting the bond, no matter the application method.

Additional information

Weight 60 g
Dimensions 20 in

1 review for Genius Weft Hair Extensions – 20″ Russian Mongolian 50 grams

  1. foxyhair

    Carrie Richards- Google Review- The new flatter wefts are AMAZING I have 8 rows in my head and they feel like nothing!! The creamiest colour with a perfect match of extensions. Would recommend over and over again xx

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