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Pre Bonded Hair Extension Removal Kit


A Pre Bonded Hair Extension removal kit, containing everything you need to safely remove your hair extensions.

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Our Pre Bonded Removal Kit contains all you need to enable you to remove your Foxy Pre Bonded Hair Extensions.


This kit contains our Foxy hair extension removal solution, supplied in a large 250ml bottle with an easy to use spray pump, as well as a pair of high quality removal pliers that breaks down the keratin bond with ease.


INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Section off your hair extensions cleanly, isolating one row at a time. Working with 1-2 bonds at a time, generously spray the solution over these few isolated bonds (5-6 pumps of spray). Using the removal pliers, firmly crunch the bond several times, twist the bond round and crunch several time again.  Keep twisting and crunching until the bond starts to break down and loosen. Apply more solution if needed and keep working until you get to this point. You will visibly see the bond loosen away from the natural hair.  Hold the natural hair firmly above the bond and gently tug on the extension strand.  It should easily slide down the hair. If it doesn’t, don’t keep tugging! Use more solution and work your pilers into the bond again.  Please be patient with this process.  Allow several hours in order to remove them safely and correctly.

Pre Bonded Removal Kit

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3 reviews for Pre Bonded Hair Extension Removal Kit

  1. foxyhair

    Samanta Orsos ….. TRUSTPILOT ….. Pre Bonded Hair Extension Removal Kit
    Very quick and easy removal. Thank you

  2. foxyhair

    S Reay ….. TRUSTPILOT ….. Pre Bonded Hair Extension Removal Kit
    I was worried about removing my own pre-bonds, but this kit made it easy to do !!

  3. foxyhair

    Zara ….. TRUSTPILOT ….. Pre Bonded Hair Extension Removal Kit
    This product is exactly what I needed, exactly what my stylists use in the salon to help me in this corona hair cricis!!

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