Pre Bonded Hair Extension Removal Pliers

Pre Bonded Hair Extension Removal Pliers

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High quality Hair Extension Pliers

used to assist on the removal of our Pre Bonded Hair.

The removal of Pre Bonded Hair Extensions requires a special tool that the professional stylist cannot do without. Extension removal pliers are a key step and have made the removal technique quicker, simpler and in full protection mode for the natural hair.

These pliers have been specially designed for the delicate task and engineered with precision to "crush" pre bonded hairextensions.

The extension removal pliers are affordable, multi-faceted and an excellent tiny investment that lasts for a long time in an expert stylist's collection of hair care tools. This amazing little gadget is lightweight and made of stainless steel that resists rusting and includes comfortable plastic handles for an efficient grip.

When working with Foxy pre-bonded hair extensions, an alcohol based solution in the form of a spray or gel is applied on the bonded region to soak in. Then the extension removal pliers are clamped down on the bonds to "crush" them, releasing the bond from the client's natural hair in a very gentle manner.

Using Foxy Hair Extensions tools guarantees that both the natural strands and hair extensions are treated safely at all  times.

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