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Weft Hair Extensions – 20″ Indian Remy 50 & 60 grams


Our Indian Remy Hair extension Wefts are manufactured using the exact same beautiful hand processed Remy hair as our Pre Bonded Hair Extension ranges.

*Please note 50g and 60g packs are available depending on shade- 60g packs are being discontinued and replaced with 50g packs

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Weft Hair Extensions - Deluxe Indian Remy

100% Remy Human Hair

Our Indian Remy Hair extension Wefts are manufactured using the exact same beautiful hand processed Remy hair as our Pre Bonded Hair Extension ranges. Weft Hair Extension application is a massive trend currently in the uk. Thanks to is easy, safe and quick application, weaves in the form of either the sew in method or a ring application method, such as the Beaded Weave are soaring in popularity. Foxy Hair Extensions saw the need for a better way to mix and match and blend several shades together so that a multi dimensional shade can be created. We have brought in our hair wefts in 50 and 60 gram weight packs to allow the stylist the ultimate flexibility and the ability to create some gorgeous colour combinations.

Product Features

  • 50 gram packs
  • 60 gram packs
  • Mix and match several packs together to create the perfect shade, a more multi dimensional shade, or to custom the weight of the weave
  • Double Drawn hair
  • Deluxe Indian Remy Hair, cuticle correct.
  • Double wefted
  • Life span: 3 to 5 months when treated with the correct aftercare products
  • 20″ inch length
foxy weft hair extensions
weft tips

Application Tips

Foxy’s Hair Extension Wefts can be used for a variety of application methods:

  • Sew In Weaves
  • LA Weave/Hollywood Weave/Micro Ring Weave/Celebrity Weave/Micro Ring Weft
  • Make your own Clip In Hair Extensions
  • Make your own Pre Bonded Hair Extensions


Below is an estimate to how many gram of hair to order. Please note, this is a guide only and may change depending of density and length of the natural hair as well as head size and amount of colours you wish to combine.

50-60 grams (1 pack)


100-120 grams (2 packs)

150-180 grams (3 packs)

(or for a super glam finish)
200-240 grams (4 packs)

weft human hair extensions
foxy hair extension model


As with all of our hair extension ranges, the use of correct specialist Aftercare Products is essential. Foxy’s aftercare range must be used to ensure the hair remains soft, shiny and tangle free. Using non-extension products or products from another hair supplier may cause issues which Foxy Hair extensions cannot be held responsible for.

Stylist Tips

If you need to cut your wefts down to fit, make sure to use a weft sealer to seal the ends and prevent any shedding.

Application designed for professionally trained stylists only.


Keep your hair extensions looking as good as the day they were installed with the correct Aftercare Products. Thanks to Foxy Hair Extensions, the job is made easy with our packs of Aftercare Products. Our range is specially designed to nourish and care for your extensions while also protecting the bond, no matter the application method.

Additional information

Weight 60 g
Dimensions 20 in

9 reviews for Weft Hair Extensions – 20″ Indian Remy 50 & 60 grams

  1. foxyhair

    Lynn Carolan….TRUSTPILOT…. Weft Hair Extensions – 20″ Indian Remy 60 grams – M22/16
    Love foxy hair, I have been using the wefts for 6 years and wouldn’t use any others.
    The hair is so luxurious and it lasts me around 5 months . I manage to match my hair colour perfectly and feel really confident & lush when with these hair extensions. 100% recommended 😀

  2. foxyhair

    Megan Driscoll…..TRUSTPILOT….Weft Hair Extensions – Indian Remy 60 grams- 1b. So affordable and great quality

  3. foxyhair

    Chris Dios…..TRUSTPILOT…..Best quality at reasonable prices

  4. foxyhair

    Agnes Radziewicz ….. TRUSTPILOT ….. Weft Hair Extensions – Indian Remy 60 grams – P613/16

  5. foxyhair

    Lorena Weathers ….. TRUSTPILOT ….. Weft Hair Extensions – Indian Remy 60 grams – 4
    I would of given them 5 star but had to drop to 4 star as they have stopped doing 160g wefts & now only do 60g. The hair quality is amazing & lasts longer than any other hair brand I’ve used over the years! Speedy delivery & I 100% Recommend!

  6. foxyhair

    Laura Huckstepp ….. TRUSTPILOT ….. Weft Hair Extensions – Indian Remy 60 grams – P18/60
    Amazing as always

  7. foxyhair

    Marie Hoggard ….. TRUSTPILOT ….. Weft Hair Extensions – Indian Remy 60 grams – 60
    The hair is extremely silky and soft. True to colour and fantastic delivery.

  8. Jennifer

    Absolutely fabulous as always!! The sales girls know exactly what they are talking about!!! Quality of the hair is amazing and mines always feeling silky with good care!!

  9. Beverly S

    Foxy hair extensions have always provided me and my clients with a fantastic hair product at a great price! Adding Hair Extensions to my salon with the help of Foxy has been the best thing for my salon…. Thank you Foxy!

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