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Why does my hair extensions feel drier in the winter?

why has my hair gone bad this winter

Why do my hair extensions feel drier in the winter?

Believe it or not the winter months cause as many hair issues as the summer months with your hair extensions, and own hair for that matter. What are the common problems suffered in the winter when wearing hair extensions?

1).  Dry hair.

Like your natural hair, continually changing from the freezing conditions outside, to the likely hot and dry conditions inside you house will dry your hair extensions out very quickly. In order to protect against this your aftercare must be on point! Not only by using the correct aftercare products (Our Foxy Hair requires our Foxy aftercare) but utilise all extras too! Don’t just go for the basic shampoo and conditioner its simply wont cut it and you’ll still end up with dry hair. Add a weekly Boost treatment, leave in conditioning spray, thermal protection serum and Argan oil into your routine and this will give you hair the best chance of survival.

2). Hat hair.

Many people don’t even consider this one, as well as everything mentioned above, but do you wear woolly hats?  Many people don’t realise that your woolly hat absorbs a huge amount of moisture from your hair leaving your already damaged hair potentially worse still.

3).  Matting hair.

As soon as you get those big winter coats out of the cupboard with the big collars, have you considered how much matting this will likely cause you hair rubbing especially at the nape of the neck? Again there isn’t much you can do here, as you need to wear your coat, but potentially think about braiding your hair or putting it in a ponytail to simply limit the damage caused.

4).  Static.

When temperatures dip your hair can pick up an electrical charge from the dry air, making it very unmanageable.  The only real fix for this is moisture you hair will be crying out for it so make sure your aftercare routine is on point or you quickly find your hair extensions are suffering badly!

5).  Stretchy hair.

This actually relates to the symbiotic relationship between two things you hair needs, moisture and protein!

Too much moisture and not enough protein will cause it to stretch and stretch while feeling gummy and mushy. If this is the case its back to basics as your not nourishing the hair correctly and by using our products and a Boost treatment this should work wonders, and lets face it we do offer a leave in conditioning spray for just such a situation. Remember though to always blow dry bone dry and straighten the hair never leave wet!

Too much Protein and not enough moisture is more tricky but still fixable as long as you haven’t gone too far. Basically a good wash first off to thoroughly clean the hair. Then you need moisture, so deep condition 2-3 times per week, paying special attention to the ends or you’ll get split ends which is a whole different issue again.

Winter is a tough time for hair extension wearers, as lets face it, all your extension hair is dead so 100% relies on you for its care or very quickly in this season it’ll be ruined!  Ensure you don’t cut corners, your Foxy Hair Extensions require our Foxy aftercare used 2-3 times per week. Absolute must is our shampoo and conditioner but weekly Boost, thermal protection serum and Argan oil will only help make it look and feel fantastic. Also ensure after every wash your hair is blow dried and straightened without question and you’ll have #HairThatRox all winter too!

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