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How to Colour Match Your Foxy Hair Extensions

foxy How to Colour Match Hair Extensions

The most important factor in getting hair extensions to look natural and seamless is the colour match. You could have the best application, and the best cut & finish but if your colour match isn’t perfect then it won’t look natural. Here are some tips from our styling team on how to colour match clients.

1. Use a Foxy Hair colour ring

You need to analyse your clients natural or artificial hair colour by using the Foxy Hair Colour Ring. The cuticle on the colour ring sample must lay in the same direction as the cuticle of the clients hair to get a true reading. You may need to weave out several different colours and comb them together to create the perfect match. Make sure you discuss the colour suggestion with your client to ensure she is happy with what has been selected.

2. Match to the ends

Always match the ends of the clients natural hair. Where the natural hair stops and begins to fall into the extension hair is the area that needs to be a spot on perfect colour match. This is an essential step in creating a natural look and blend. Nine times out of ten there will be colours present in the ends that don’t necessarily match to the root area or the highlights at the top of the head. Pay special attention if your client is a blonde, she may have some darker lowlights and it’s important that you carry those tones through the extensions also. Very rarely will you only use one extension colour on a blonde client.

3. Match in natural lighting

Always take your client over to a window area, or an area of natural lighting to ensure the best possible match. Never match under harsh salon lighting.

4. Add dimension

Pay close attention to your clients hair tone, at first glance it may look like a solid colour, but more often than not, you will find different tones. Add these various tones into your colour blend to create a seamless match which has depth and dimension.

5. Stay true to the clients natural hair colour

Clients quite often request to ‘add a bit of this shade and a bit of that’ to try to change the overall colour or tone of their hairstyle. Doing this will only present you with a problem when trying to get the extensions to look natural. If the client is unhappy with the colour of their natural hair then we would suggesting performing a colour service(s) before commencing with the hair extension service.

6. Tone the extensions to match

**First, a disclaimer – Colouring or toning extensions is always done at your own risk. Always do a test strand to make sure you are happy with the results before proceeding with all of your hair. Colouring/toning extension hair may affect the hairs quality. Always discuss this with your client before proceeding with the service. Hair cannot be returned, or any quality issues looked at if this service is carried out**
Toning hair can be a valuable trick to getting an exact match. Start by buying hair the same level or one level lighter than the desired colour and tone the hair using a demi or semi-permanent hair colour. If possible, use the same toners used on the clients hair so it’s a perfect match. The colour will grab to the hair extensions at a much faster rate than natural hair so bare this in mind and keep a close eye on the development of the colour.

7. Buy extra hair and return what’s not required.

We recommend buying an extra pack of two of hair to make sure you have exactly what you need. It’s often difficult to guess the exact ratio of colours needed prior to application so try to work with extra bundles at hand to mix and match as needed rather than “try to make it work.” Unused packets of hair can be returned to ourselves if not required or extra hair can be put aside to be used at their maintenance appointments.

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