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How to Blow-dry Hair Extensions

how to blowdry

Want to re-create that perfect, sleek and shiny blow-dry you’re left with after a blow-dry at the salon? Frustrated at trying to tame your extension hair? We have put together some hints and tips below to help you to achieve that perfect extension blow-dry yourself at home.

Choose the correct products

We say this time and time again, and I’m sure your bored of hearing it by now, but the correct products really are key to soft and manageable extensions. Why spend your hard money on a gorgeous set of Remy hair extensions and not invest in the correct products? By using regular off the shelf products, you risk drying out the extension hair, leaving it dry, dull and brittle, meaning that your hair needs to be replaced more frequently. Foxy Hair Extension Shampoo and Conditioner are designed to replace the lost nutrients that the extension hair no longer receives from the scalp.

Apply in the correct way

Think of applying your shampoo in two steps. Firstly, apply a generous amount to your scalp, taking good care to get in amongst your wefts, tape or bonded sections. Apply a touch more water if necessary to create a lather and gently massage onto the scalp. A huge mistake people make here is not getting in amongst the extensions. This will lead to an oily build up, which will affect the longevity of the hair extensions. Then apply a second amount of shampoo and gently distribute through the length of the hair, using gentle stokes, NOT a rubbing motion. Rinse thoroughly before applying a generous amount of conditioner to the mid lengths and ends only. Keep conditioner away from the bonded areas. You may pick up your own natural hair from your top section and condition this. Our Hair Extension Aftercare products can be used on both natural and extension hair. Leave the conditioner to sit for at least 5 minutes to soak into and penetrate the hair, before rinsing thoroughly.

Heat Protection

Hair extensions need to be protected from the heat of driers, straighteners and tongs/wands. Foxys Thermal Protection serum is perfect for this as it doubles up as a glossing serum, helping to leave your extensions looking glossy and sleek. We recommend sectioning your hair in two over your shoulders and using 1-2 pumps each side. In this instance we are going to apply when the hair is wet but can also be used on dry hair as and when required.


With the aid of Foxy Leave in Conditioning Spray, detangle the extensions in small sections using either a wide tooth comb, or your hair extension soft bristle brush. Be gentle whilst doing this as the hair is at its most fragile when wet and can easily be snapped if your too heavy handed. Always support your extensions at the roots when brushing/detangling.

Rough drying

Dry your hair at the roots firstly, using a cooler setting on your drier if your wearing tapes or bonds. Then rough dry your extensions to around 70-80% dry. You will notice that after rough drying your extensions look ‘fluffy’, the next step will ensure your cuticle is smoothed down and is the most important step in the drying process.

The right brush

Now it’s time to switch to a round ceramic blow-drying brush. Ceramic brushes heat up quickly, speeding up the hair drying process and reducing the time your hair is exposed to heat to avoid damage. They also help to seal the cuticle, reducing frizz and making your hair extensions look healthy and shiny.

Smaller Sections

Work with small sections for a sleeker blow-dry. We advise 1 row of extensions at a time. Pop on a nozzle on the end of your drier and point the airflow to the floor. Ensure each section is completely dry before moving on to the next. Once completely dry, re-section the hair in your small sections once again and straighten using a good quality hair straightener. We recommend a wide plate one for a smoother finish. Finish with serum or oil if necessary.

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