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How to get your business back on track after Covid-19

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What a year 2020 has been! So now there is light at the end of the tunnel how do I get my business back on track?

What a year 2020 has been!

Covid-19 has affect everyone in many ways…….. Business owners have suffered; customers have suffered but hopefully all for the greater good!

Hair salon owners have experience more issue than many due to the personal levels of service we provide to our clients, so now you salon is back open how do you re-coup your losses and trade normally?

Lets face it your full busy salon is a thing of the past what with social distancing and all the new regulations, so how do you make your business trade financially at its past levels or greater while seeing less clients?

Diary management is now key to the survival of your business. All you staff need to work at the optimum levels, and back-to-back, to ensure your costs don’t out way your income. How do you do this though? Does your staff care enough to push themselves this hard for your business? Ultimately yes their jobs depend on it, but that often isn’t  a consideration for them, as many staff simply don’t relate what they are doing directly with the potential closure of the salon they work at and loss of their job…….. We know you as the owner does though!

So how do you get them motivated to go the extra mile?

We believe you incentivise them, so they aren’t simply on their minimum wage and unmotivated, by give them a commission or a bonus etc. Base this on a daily sales total or jobs completed or whatever fits your business. Your staff will buy in to this concept as it directly affects them, and their wages, and ultimately that is the driving factor behind all this for them. It’s a win win for you as ultimately yes you are paying out a little extra in wages but you bring in substantially more in income if the targets are hit!

Next, you introduce new services that command a higher sale price making the targets easier to hit! Hair extensions is a hugely attractive option for this, as in the same time slot as a colour and cut you can fit a head of hair extensions and make substantially more income.

So where do you start? First of all assess you local competition, what hair extensions services do they offer and what can you do to fill in the gaps? Also looking at your competitions pricing and skills, will also help you assess not only potential income for you, but also what you can do to attracting away their clients to your salon.

Step one is qualify with a reputable training provider, this is key, as not only can you advertise your professionally qualified but also you can get the correct levels of insurance cover to actually trade!

Step two is to pick the application method you want to start with, however advisably qualify in all so you don’t limit your market. Remember its not necessarily like choosing clothes or trainers, the different application methods are to suit different hair types and lifestyles. Some application methods are simply not suitable for certain people hair meaning if you don’t offer everything you could end up having to turn away a customers and send them to your competition to get a method you don’t do.

Here at Foxy we practice what we preach and would never offer a service to a client we don’t feel is 100% suited to them and their hair regardless of what they came in for. The key is educate, take to your customers and explain the differences and pros / cons and let them understand and make their own informed decision.

Being an ABT accredited training provider ourselves we feel we can give everyone not only the best levels of training but also genuine and honest advice and experience too! Remember Foxy Hair Extensions is a trade supplier of our own brand of hair extensions and we run our own busy hair salon in the MetroCentre in Gateshead, fitting only our hair and using our own highly skilled and in house trained staff. This allows us to not only train candidates to fit, but give them the benefit of our huge experience in actual practice in salon so we help with everything from marketing pricing and whatever else you may need help with.

We offer training courses in Tape hair application, Pre Bonded Flat tip, Stick tip /Micro ringNano hair methods and last but no means least Weave installation training!  Other benefits of training with us are once qualified all Foxy trained stylists receive a 15% trade discount all on all future purchase, so your discount alone quickly pays for the training cost so it’s a win win there!

Check out our training courses at https://www.foxyhairextensions.net/foxy-hair-extension-training-courses/

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