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What are Pre Bonded Hair Extensions?

What are Pre Bonded Hair Extensions?

Pre Bonded hair extensions still are our number one selling hair extension product and have been since we started trading almost 20 years ago!  Over the years several new application methods have come onto the market that fall under the Pre Bonded Hair Extension category.

In this blog we will explore each of these so you can make an informed decision on which method is right for you:

What are the different types of Pre Bonded Hair Extensions?

Pre Bonded Flat Tip Hair Extensions  – our top seller, and for very good reason.  Foxy’s Pre Bonded Flat Tips are tipped with the strongest Italian Keratin available on the market and we would say they are the most diverse method, suiting all hair tyle and hair textures.  Each extension strand is tipped with a keratin bond which is flat.  We designed it this way so that the hair extension stylist can measure up the correct amount of natural hair to fall in line with the width of the flat keratin tip.  This always ensures that the correct ratio of natural hair is taken to ensure the safety of the natural hair.  Very rarely will these extensions shed or slide out.

Pre Bonded Stick Tip Hair Extensions – We love this method at Foxy Hair Extensions! An alternative to the Flat Tip, Stick tip (also known as I tip) hair extensions are applied using a tube  – link to our favourite tube here – these extensions are heat and chemical free and great for those who are slightly wary of using an adhesive.  Foxy’s Stick tipped extensions are tipped using a slightly soften keratin which moulds into the tubes upon being pressed, ensuring a nice secure hols.

Pre Bonded Nano Tip Hair Extensions – the newest Pre Bonded method to come to market.  These are known for being very discrete and great for those with finer hair textures.  We have designed our nano bon hair extensions with an acrylic tip for the ultimate comfort and flexibility.  We recommend an unlined nano ring to be used alongside for a nice secure attachment.

How long do Pre Bonded Hair Extensions last?

With all of Foxy’s Pre Bonded methods, we recommend they stay in the natural hair for a 3 month period of time.  This ensures the safety of the natural hair.  You stylist should also recommend 4-6 week maintenance appointments for your hair extensions to ensure all is well and the health of your natural hair is not being compromised. Hair Extensions should be trimmed regularly to maintain the condition of the hair. Foxy Hair Extensions are supplied in two different qualities, Indian Remy which has a lifespan of 3-5 months and Russian Mongolian which has a lifespan of around 12 months.

How are Pre Bonded Hair Extensions removed?

Your pre bonded hair extensions should always be removed by a professional, preferably the same professional who initially applied them.

How should I care for my Pre Bonded Hair Extensions?

Pre Bonded Hair Extensions require specialist care & attention, a well planned maintenance schedule and the use of the correct Foxy Hair Aftercare Products.  For full details on how to care for your Foxy Hair Extensions see here

Hair Extensions are for professional application only

Remember that Pre Bonded Hair Extensions are a professional use product and should be applied by a salon or stylist who hold the correct qualification(s).  To find a Foxy approved salon in your area please see our salon locator

If you’re a salon or stylist and wish to train in any or all of the Pre Bonded Hair Extensions methods then see our hair extension training page for latest hair extensions training course details.

If you have any questions then feel free to contact our friendly customer service team who will  be more than happy to help.  Remember to tag any photos with the hashtag #foxyhairextensions

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