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Why its not recommended to air-dry hair extensions

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We understand your predicament; you want to keep heat away from your hair extensions for fear of causing damage. So, you try to air dry them. And you’re left with fluffy, unmanageable hair that just doesn’t look very healthy, leaving it hard to style.

We hear it often…Help, I’m struggling with managing my hair extensions, I’m taking such good care of them,  I’m not even applying any heat….

Alarm bells!

You hair extensions need heat.

Heat helps to seal the hairs cuticles, leaving it smooth, shiny and manageable.

Feel free to air dry your extensions until they are 80% dry, that’s no problem at all and actually we would recommend doing this, but you MUST dry the final 20% with a hairdryer, pointing the airflow to the floor and using a round brush.  You must also finish off with good quality hair straighteners , we recommend a ‘wide plate’ version, our favourites are from Cloud Nine.

Closing or sealing the cuticle layer will ultimately control the condition of your hair extensions. A properly closed cuticle layer will seal in moisture, leaving the hair more flexible and manageable and less prone to breakage.

Because we recommend heat to style your extensions you also need to be protecting the hair with a heat protectant.  Our Thermal Protection Serum is the perfect product for this.  Designed to go hand in hand with hair extensions, this luxurious serum can be applied to wet or dry hair and doesn’t leave the hair sticky. It’s our number one selling aftercare product, and for good reason….it works as both a heat protectant and a hair smoothener.

For more tips of how to blow-dry your hair extensions please check out our alternative blog article How to blow-dry hair extensions

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