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How long will my hair extensions last?

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Possibly the most difficult question to answer and one we get asked all of the time! The lifespan of human hair extensions will depends on what products you use on them, how you take care of them, and for clip-in extensions how often you wear them.

The simple answer is:

If you look after your hair extensions correctly using our aftercare then our Indian Hair range should last up to 3-5 months and our Russian hair circa 6 months but upto 1 year. However this is 100% dependent on how the extensions are looked after, and what they have to endure in your daily life. For example not using our Foxy aftercare products will reduce the lifespan of the hair as the correct oils and nutrients our hair specifically requires will not be being replenished in the correct manner, or to the correct levels! if non Foxy aftercare is being used (Even if its “sulphate free” or says its for hair extensions) this will ultimately damage your hair extensions and thus reduce their life.

Secondly not applying heat correctly.  If you wish you professional hair extensions to last longer and look good, you’ll probably be surprised to know this simple, and often overlooked rule! Human Hair extensions DO require heat i.e. blow drying and straightening to close the cuticle layer or the hair will look and feel like velcro. One common misconception is that heat damages hair extensions, when actually not using heat or allowing your hair to air dry is about the worst thing you can do if you want your hair extensions to be manageable!

Taking hair extensions on holiday will reduce their life no matter how amazing you think your aftercare is, the heat, sun, poor quality water, sea water all cause irreparable damage to the hairs condition (Not to mention often staining the more porous hair extension hair a pinky or green colour).

Take a good look at your lifestyle as a whole before setting your expectations on the life of your hair extensions, gym goers, sun bed users, helmet wearers etc etc all will cause you issues.

Hair extensions are a lifestyle choice, and its not all doom and gloom as if you look at your lifestyle as a whole then it is still very easy to keep your hair extensions looking as good as possible. If you know your going to go on holiday with a set then plan this and buy extra aftercare products i.e. a boost to help you through this and ensure your aftercare is on point and you will still get fantastic use from them.

Where people go wrong is do all of the above, don’t follow our aftercare instructions, use the wrong aftercare products and then wonder why after a month they are like straw. Wit doesn’t make sense to spend hundreds on quality hair and then not look after them? Hair extensions are an investment and do require love and attention, but if you give them this love and attention you will look fantastic at all times.

Next time you get a new set of professional hair extensions please take one of our aftercare sheets and give it a go and I promise you will be amazed at the difference it makes treating them right. Alternatively check out our salon aftercare page which gives a vast insight into dos and don’ts of hair extensions aftercare.

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