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foxy How to Colour Match Hair Extensions

How to Colour Match Your Foxy Hair Extensions

The most important factor in getting hair extensions to look natural and seamless is the colour match. You could have the best application, and the best cut & finish but if your colour match isn’t perfect then it won’t look natural. Here are some tips…
hair discolouration advice

Why do hair extensions discolour?

If you have blonde hair, I’m sure you are aware that your hair can be temperamental when it comes into contact with certain chemicals. The is the same with blonde hair extensions, in fact even more care and attention needs to be given. Just as…

how to blowdry

How to Blow-dry Hair Extensions

Want to re-create that perfect, sleek and shiny blow-dry you’re left with after a blow-dry at the salon? Frustrated at trying to tame your extension hair? We have put together some hints and tips below to help you to achieve that perfect extension blow-dry yourself…

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